A few months ago a long time Jerome resident returned to town after being gone for over a decade. I used to sit in with him from time to time back before Jerome had been “discovered” and tourists were not as rampant as they are now.

Slim ChanceĀ  (Yeah… that’s him in the photo) is back in town and playing music like it’s going out of style!

When I heard he was back and planning on sticking around I asked him if he wanted a bass player. Turns out that he was wanting to put a combo together and had already talked to our good friend, Dave Rentz, (Percussionist extraordinaire) to see if he was interested. Long story short… we had a trio and Slim hooked up with Bruce Wandmayer on pedal steel and saxaphones and now we were a quartet!

Now I’ve always loved playing bass but never had that much of an opportunity mainly due to the fact that I usually ended up fronting the bands I was in with vocals and rhythm guitar. Now I get to kick back with my favorite drummer and hold down the bottom end while Slim and Bruce carry the solos. Great fun!

We’ve picked up a couple of regular bookings and try to rehears on a somewhat regular basis. The four of us mesh well both musically and socially (which is always a major plus). We have a lot of fun playing music together and who know… I may even figure out how to sing while playing bass! After all… stranger things have happened.