Welcome to my Music page…

The songs I have available for listening are listed below (via SoundCloud) with a little bit of info about each song.



“RW Titus”  is a story that was triggered by a hand made sign I saw hanging from an old oak tree over the driveway to a farm just outside of Freedom, California while I was taking a leisurely drive back to my home in the Santa Cruz mountains. Little did I realize that several months later I would discover that I had stumbled on what evidently was a true story!

“Raven Haired Widow of Deception Gulch”  is from a time I was sitting in the Spirit Room bar in Jerome, Arizona one afternoon and found I was once again gazing at the mural behind the bar enled “Aces & Eights”. I began wondering about the story of the woman in the painting… I went home and wrote this song.

I Don’t Know” is a song written in celebration for My Lady when she said that she would marry me!

Whispers In Your Ears” is a song written for my kids when they were very young and life had placed us thousands of miles apart.

Sometimes” is a song commenting on the ups & downs of life and the perspectives needed.